Use the form below to book a trial session at Cheltenham & Gloucester Gymnastics Club!

Your trial will take place at the time you book in the first week back after the summer holiday,

the week beginning the 5th of September. 

Booking Procedure:

  1. Fill in all the required information on the booking form.

  2. Listed at the bottom of the form, is all of our available classes in age order. Find the class for your child's age group and select which one you would like to book. If the class you are hoping to book is not listed, it is already fully booked. Please note: The cost advertised is the monthly class price should you decide to sign up as a full member, you will not be charged this unless you decide to enrol as a full member.

  3. You have the option to register multiple siblings at the same time by selecting 'Submit and add additional people'. If you are happy to continue, select 'Submit and proceed to the next page'.

  4. On the next page, you can review the information you entered, if you are happy to continue, select 'Submit and proceed to the next page'

  5. Here you will see that the class fee is 'Pending Approval', this means it will not be taken from your bank account. Only the total amount in the 'Payable Now' column will be requested for a trial session. Once you are happy to continue, click 'Pay here'.

  6. A help message will appear informing you that you will be asked to set up a Direct Debit on the following screen. This does not mean you are setting up a recurring payment - a Direct Debit can also be a single, non-recurring payment.

  7. You will be taken to London & Zurich's page to enter payment information. London & Zurich are our banking partners responsible for collecting all fees requested on LoveAdmin.